Sailing Instructions

2018 Fort 2 Battery Event Schedule & Instructions

Friday April 21, 2017

James Island Yacht Club
7:00pm Check in/ packet pick up
7:15pm Competitors meeting
Drop off grocery bag change of clothes with your name on it if you’d like to have dry clothes there following racing on Saturday.

Race day: Saturday April 22

2:00pm EST Target– Race warning signal from boat West of Ft. Sumter Southwest of the shipping Channel
2:05pm EST Race Start near Ft. Sumter Southwest of the shipping channel
Following racing ASAP Gathering for awards & party at James Island Yacht Club




Remember this is an advanced & expert level race only due to the distance, wind and currents in Charleston Harbor. It is your responsibility to be self sufficient and competent as a sailor or kiter. Do not launch in conditions you are not comfortable with the expectation of rescue.
Several boats will be on site to assist in the event you have gear failure or are injured, but please use caution and be safe.
Be sure to use the “buddy system” with some friends on the beach. That’s the quickest way we can be alerted if someone is missing. Race Officials will communicate on VHF ch.69.


One of the most important parts of the F2B race is getting to the start area on time. If the wind is from a south direction, Fort Moultrie Beach will be a good place to launch.
There will be beach exposed on Fort Sumter, the North end of Morris Island and also no-name beach on James Island– Both accessible by boat only. Boats can rig on the lawn at JIYC to the “Right” of the building when facing the water.

If the wind is northerly, consider arranging a downwinder from Sullivan’s Island to land in Demetre/ Sunrise park to the Southeast of James Island Yacht Club.


The starting line will be between a motorboat with large yellow buoy on it and a yellow buoy on the other end on another boat to the West of Fort Sumter. To start, pass between the boats heading toward the Battery after the “START” has been signaled.

The finish line will be between a motor boat with a checkered flag and yellow buoy on it– and the other end of the line will be a yellow buoy.

For 2018- After finishing avoid the racecourse and make room for those coming to the finish behind you. Jump around like a maniac and do some good work for the cameras.

The finish arrangement will vary depending on wind conditions. Here are the three options which may be used. For 2018– Yell your name to the windward finish boat as you finish to help them score you.


If the race committee needs to postpone, they will signal with one horn and a red & white vertically striped flag. There will also be a horn when this flag comes down, prior to the start sequence. If for some reason the committee postpones during the 5 minute start sequence, they will begin the start sequence again from 5 minutes.

To signal the start there will be a 5 minute sequence of flags and horns as follows . to start- UP, 1 horn and gun
to start- 4 horns Raised

3 minutes to start- 3 horns.
2 minutes to start- 2 horns
1:30 minutes 1 long and 3 short horns
1 minute to start- Red Flag lowered, Yellow Flag raised, 1 long horn
:30 to start – 3 short horns
:20 to start – 2 short horns
:10 to start – 1 short horn
:5, 4, 3, 2,1 short horns
: 00 START – 1 long horn and gun- Yellow Flag lowered, Green Flag Raised

If you are past the starting line at the time of :00 / START you will not be scored. Please be careful. 10 seconds late is far better than 10 seconds early. Remember this is a long race and being DSQ’d is no way to start things.


The Racing Rules of Sailing apply. For kiters, this means that “right hand forward” riding has right of way over “left hand forward”, and upwind kites/boats etc. must keep clear of more downwind kites/boats etc . Basically if your kite hits someone or a sailboat- it’s almost surely your fault. An overtaking boat/kite must always keep clear of the boat they are passing.

Most importantly- tangling up kites, boats etc. is slow, and will not be a successful strategy for doing well in the race. You may be “right”, but it won’t matter as the entire fleet sails away.


Finishes will be announced and awards given ASAP following racing at James Island Yacht Club

5 minutes

4 minutes

Checkered Flag

Red Flag

Some things to consider:

Open space is key to going fast! Find an area of the starting line that seems to be less-cluttered with boats & kites.
Be sure not to be over the line too soon or your race could be over before it begins. Remember, this is a long race at these speeds and it’s probably not worth the extra 20 feet head start at risk of being over-early and DSQ.

Have a backup plan! If someone wipes out in front of you, where are you going to go?! Plan so you can keep going fast!